Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Even though there is only one business day left in the month this year, we encourage you to practice significance by being fully attentive to the people you talk to on Thanksgiving Day.

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Practice Significance by Being Fully Attentive

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Welcome to that Arise2Live Podcast and today is a short-take episode, a quick reminder for you leaders, business owners and freelancers about the importance of gratitude your family and well-being.

My name is Scott Weaver and I wish the best Thanksgiving week for you and safe travels if you are traveling. It is fitting that this episode is my 75th podcast release..75! Can’t believe it. I am amazed and full of gratitude to all the people that helped me along the way…including you listeners! Couldn’t have done it without you.

Now I don’t want to take too much time for this podcast. I know it is Thanksgiving weekend with all the family activities, And also I know there’s only one business day left in the month. Which means a lot of you business owners out there are scrambling to get the end-of-month business chores done…maybe little things like invoicing and payroll.

And I’m not here to make you feel guilty with some cliché about the importance of being with family and stuff like that while you business warriors are fretting about financial challenges. Being able to balance between your business role and family is hard this time of year.

Instead, I would like to encourage you that on Thanksgiving Day, please briefly step away for the hustle and bustle of life and just live in the moment. Your business chores will get done. Just live in the moment. Smile at your family and friends, be fully attentive to the conversations you are in. Listen with interest as your son or daughter’s tall stories, or your uncle’s fourth telling of his big fishing trip. It’s probably okay to help out with some of the dinner chores and talk at the same time.

When you living in the moment with people, you become significant.  On Thanksgiving Day, you have the opportunity to be significant with your key audience. It’s worth it. Both to yourself and others.

So, with in an encouraging summary to this episode, please enjoy the moments on Thanksgiving Day and practice a bit of significance by being fully present with the ones who talk to. And doing so, you are likely the one is rejuvenated.

Carry the attitude of gratitude so you can Arise2Live!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!




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