Top performers, reguardless of the industry or background, have developed the skill to respond to situations and circumstances, not emotioinly react to them. They seem to keep their cool and handle family difficulties with wisdom. This episode covers examples how you can respond by making a choices inside a spectrum ranging from blame to help.


Show Notes

So what’s the difference between responding and reacting?  You’re sick and the doctor gives you medicine. Which would you like to happen? Your body reacts to the medicine or your body responds to the medicine?  Of course, we want to hear the word respond.

This podcast uses a spectrum of responding choices range from: blame, don’t accept, excuse, accept, or help out.  Of course there are others ones. Find one that works for you.

 “15 Minute” Rule: When a spouse first comes home, they can claim 15 minutes of alone, unwind time. Then deal with the urgent matter that they just got dumped on when they walked through the door.


Zig Ziglar book “Top Performance How to Develop excellence in Yoursolf & Others”, Copywrite 1986 by Zig Ziglar

New Article: A Waffle House Had Just One Employee Working, So the Customers Stepped In  Accessed Nov 2019

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