One of the best ways to growth your business and maintain family balance is bringing in mentors into your life. Time and time again mentors have been the difference between success and failure. This episode covers the different types of mentors you need and insight on why a mentor would want to help you.

Show Notes

Types of mentor to have

Traditional – Someone older and more experience than you to teach you ropes, so to speak.  They can guide, instruct, and help you in your growth process, gaining knowledge and insights from the experiences of others.

Spiritual – Those people that can help you with spiritual side of humanity, answering questions of God, purpose, and peace and help lead you to a richer and more meaningful life.

Spouse – Yes, your spouse is your mentor. That’s just one roles that comes from being married. 🙂 Use it for both of your advantage.

Challenger – Usually a peer, but not necessarily. That person that has permission to tell you to do better and give you a swift kick in the rear to get going.

Gandalf-type mentors – Not usually accessible to most of us. Many Gandalf-type mentors release books, podcasts, webinars, etc. to help as many people as they can. So without ever meeting them and a bit of self-study, you can learn from the best


Tony Dungy “Quiet Strength” and “The Mentor Leader”


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