The Flywheel Analogy helps you understand your business model and what you need to do to get your company spinning fast. It also shows how building up your company over time and how small wins lead to a big break thoughs.’s 2001 Flywheel is an on-going example. This episode also shares updates to the Arise2Live website and services.

Show Notes


The Flywheel concept was popularize by Jim Collin’s in his book “Good to Great”.

2001’s Flywheel source is from “The Bezos Letters” by Steve Anderson.


Knowing what your Center-of-Gravity elements brings clarity, focus, and confidence to reach your goals. This is accomplished by using your:

  • Core Strength
  • Power…ability to move things
  • Structure
  • Energy



Episode #67 Use Your Center-of-Gravity to Reach Goals


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