This show presents an example of how your center of gravity helps you have confidence to reach your goals and a 5-step process to finding your unique center of gravity.

Show Notes

Knowing what your Center-of-Gravity elements brings clarity, focus, and confidence to reach your goals. This is accomplished by using your:

  • Core Strength
  • Power…ability to move things
  • Structure
  • Energy

Sequence of Questions to find your Center-of-Gravity

COG is linked to a goal or objective. What is your goal?

What things you have now that enhance your goal? Make a list called “My Capabilities”.

From the Capabilities list, what things allow you to have leverage over the competition?

From the Capabilities list, what are the things that allow you the freedom of action to move towards your goals?

From the last two questions, are there any overlapping answers?  This is likely key elements of your COG



Episode #67 Use Your Center-of-Gravity to Reach Goals

Weightlifting Compete Guide

Joint Publication 5-0, Joint Planning, 16 June 2017

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