Your performance and rest are interconnected to productivity. Part 2 explores four practical approaches of scheduling downtime into your existing routine. Discover the counter intuitive approach of business leaders to excelling in the competitive world.

Four Elements to Schedule Intentional Downtime

  • Create Daily mini-routines
  • Engage in Weekly hobbies and activities
  • Participate in Monthly Activities
  • Plan for Special Activities during the year

Resources and Links

Find community groups on
Steve Appleton, Former CEO of Micron Technology, his Wikipedia page
Link to Tommy Breedlove Interview
Link to HBR article “Why CEOs Devote So Much Time to Their Hobbies” by Emilia Bunea
Emilia Bunea’s TedxLondon Talk “Why Leaders should take their leisure seriously”
Scientific America Article on Mental Downtime

Ideas for Downtime and Productivity

Morning: exercise, meditate, eat with kids, look at your goal reminders, take kids to school, prepare a healthy breakfast, etc.
Lunch time: short walk, power nap, do busy-work, emails,
Evening time: Commute listening to music or podcast, use a “Worry Tree”, eat dinner with kids.
Hobbies: running/biking, gardening, audio, electronics, wood working, writing, baking, knitting, blogging, and on-and-on.
Weekly: Hiking/Outdoors, Religious activity, etc.
Yearly: Vacation time, relax days after traveling, family events, camping, etc.

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