Assigned to wear a sales hat in your small company? Looking to get better at sales? Expand your sales knowledge and perspective with this interview episode. Harry Parks has 20+ sales years’ experience at corporate and start-up companies. Topics include sales cycle, dealing with rejection, and getting started in sales.

Show Notes

Harry Parks is currently a sales person at IBM, selling electronic systems to government entities. Over the years, Harry has helped me understand sales methods and approaches that helped me in my business.

  • Time is important: both to you and your potential customer.
  • Sales not always about the product:  price, quality, experience,  and long-term use are also important.
  • Don’t be afraid of talking to people, be professional in looks and talking.
  • Make a list of 1- to 20 of the most potential customers asked questions, this is different than customer objections.
  • Common market data analysis companies: Gardner, Data Quest.

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