Join Scott and co-host D. Scott Smith in exploring that scary place between the jump of a big decision and landing on your feet. They discuss the challenges of taking a leap and the landing, and discover a mindset of leadership and true confidence to successfully land.

Show Notes

Intuition is an elusive combination of your brain processing the facts and the situation, getting inputs from your support team, recognizing patterns, confidence, and faith.

You get better at decision making as you make more of them and gain in experience from both personal and from others.

 What to do between that place of after making the decision and landing on your feet?

  • Maintain Your Leadership
  • Maintain Your Focus
    • Don’t change targets
    • Don’t look back
  • Maintain Your Confidence
  • Have Faith that things will turn out right

How can you land on your feet after making a big decision?

  • Recognize the patterns of situations, models, and solutions
  • Rely on your preparations
  • Adapt your skills to the situation
  • Trust your support team
  • Watch out for the Imposter Syndrome of doubts



Parable of the Plough (Luke 9:62)

Jeff Bezos’ talk at The Economic Club of Washington D.C.

D. Scott Smith’s book at Amazon (affiliate link): “Motivational Listener: “

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