A light-hearted episode with co-host Tegan that presents 4 things you can do to prevent your strengths from being over-applied and misapplied to the point of hurting your business and family.

Show Notes

Four general personality types that need to be aware of not over-using their strengths:

  1. Results driven
  2. Outgoing expressive person
  3. Easy-going
  4. Research and/or process focused


Things to prevent your strength becoming your weakness:

  1. Remember what disease (or personality) you have. 🙂
  2. Take a step back, check assumptions before take action.
  3. Fill your strength-gap with other people’s strengths.
  4. Don’t always stay in your strength “comfort-zone”. Success is often found in the uncomfort-zone.
  5. Don’t use your strengths to carry the whole load. Have your team or support group carry part of the load.

I.Q. = Intelligence quotient
E.Q. = Emotional quotient

Personality test results are there to put you in a box. Instead, flashlight to your tendencies.


Winston Churchill’s June 4th, 1940 speech