A Look Behind the Curtain at the Arise2Live Toolbox!

Looking how to use the Cloud to seamless connect files and notes across different device and operating systems? Scott and his daughter Tegan co-host give a sneak-peek behind the curtain of their toolbox, particularly Scott’s day-to-day productivity toolkit and most of the apps are free.

Show Notes

Scott’s uses three completely different “Hardware” devices: A smart-phone running iOS, a PC running Win10, and a old laptop running Linux. He has a toolbox to seamlessly transfer files and notes across all three. Tegan uses laptop exclusively.

1) Hardware

Hardware is the device you can touch. For key client tasks and performance, buy the most your budget can afford. For non-key tasks, it’s okay to buy used knowing that performance will be lower, but you’re saving money on things you don’t use that much.

For desktops, use monitors built for text display, not movies and use dual monitors. Okay to have the second monitor second hand if under budget constraints.

2) Software 

Look for interoperability between devices to increase productivity. The key is file-sharing and note taking that has apps that work on all the devices’ operating system or can access through a web-browser.

It’s good to have things look good on the inside and work well on the insides.


Scott uses Dropbox for file sharing and Evernote for note sharing.

 Question: What’s in your toolbox?

Note: Some of the links are affiliate.

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