Are there business benefits to family? Can running a business and a family actually make us better? This episode (light heartily) presents seven reasons why investing in family has some good payoffs.



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Show Notes

Call-To-Action for Investing in Your Family

  • Think of the best things about your family time during the COVID lockdown. Something that worked and was enjoyable. Write it down. Talk it over with your family. Can you implement it in the next few weeks?
  • Time Block your schedule from the business for family time. Schedule time on a weekly or daily basis to interact and build up your family.

    4 Selfish Reasons to Invest in Your Family

    • Spending more time, more interaction with family leads to less behavior problems.
      • Less trouble at home means more focus on the business and better support from the family. Things that lead to better business results.
    • To build people skills.
      • Kids and significant others teach us how to better deal with lazy employees.
    • To practice communication skills.
      • Patiently explaining complicated things to children, like ‘don’t throw food at the table’, gives us practice to patiently explain things to employees and customers who don’t want to learn.
    • To train workers for your company.
      • Kids in stable homes (not perfect homes) have more of a chance of success in life, and a better chance of working in your company. Just maybe they can take over the business so your can retire early.

    3 Selfish Benefits from Effort to Family

    • Become a happier person.
      • People are usually happier in a family. Maybe not everyday, but overall that is the trend that researchers have found.
    • Build up Esteem.
      • We can not generate esteem from inside ourselves, it is given to us by others. With the right amount of investment, your family can be a more reliable source of esteem than the whims of the latest profit numbers.
    • Get Support for the bussiness effort.
      • Family is a good source of support. Zig Zilgar identified 7-areas of life we need support in : Mental, Spiritual, Physical, Family, Financial, Personal, Career.

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