Should business owners allow for flexibility in their business or hold the course no matter what?

This episode presents the case why you should be flexible in running your company, especially given the current economic conditions and uncertainty.

Show Notes

So what is flexibility for a business owner?

Should we be like a balloon floating outside in the air, turning and hapless going to where ever the winds may blow?

No, we are talking about flexibility, not being spineless. We need to have some control of the direction we take. Perhaps, we are like captain on a sailing ship in stormy sea…and last year and this year are stormy seas. A captain in strong winds adjusts the sails to match the weather conditions, yet pilots the ship in the targeted direction. Maybe the ship gets blown off course, but captain figures it out and steers both the rudder and sails to final destination with unplanned course. This is what I have in mind for being flexible.

A Business Owner Can be Flexible by :

  • Learning new ways and new skills to do things.
  • Not getting mentally hung-up over that the plans changed.
  • Turning the ship with skill.

A Business Can be Flexible in These Areas :

  • Financial area
  • Technology
  • Internal Business Process
  • Employee workplace
  • Social Media



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