How can an 1896 election help us today?

There are some eerie similarities to today. Does razor thin, contentious presidential results sound familiar?

How can business owners remain grounded? This episode provides three suggestions on how business owners can stay grounded, even thrive in times of uncertainty.

Show Notes

In the election of 1896, President William McKinley won a whopping 51% of the votes. Many political historians say that the election of President McKinley was an American political re-aligning and ushered into a new era.  President McKinley did turn things around in a rather dramatic and long-lasting manner. Things like getting out of a depression, finishing the Panama Canal and winning the Spanish-American war. Even today we benefit from his decisions.

Unfortunately, he was later assassinated in 1901, but that made way for one of American’s most popular president- Teddy Roosevelt, who was McKinley’s vice-president at the time. Like then, there are good leaders out there.

Perspectives from the 1896 U.S. Presidential Election

  • Presidents fade away from memory.
  • Contentious and razor thin victories are the norm.
  • The “Old Guard” doesn’t give way to the present times without a fight.

Food for Thought for Business Owners

  • In spite of the uncertainty and challenges, continue to be responsible to family and employees.
  • Implement the good parts of American traditions in your business.
  • Stand up for your beliefs without being a jerk.

Prepare for a political re-alignment in 2024

  • Aging out of the “Old Guard”.
  • America still has good leaders–look for them.



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