The Arise2Live Podcast has been disrupted! As a real world example of handling challenges and dealing with the should-have guilt trips, Scott shares his undesirable choices needed to accomplish his purpose and goals.

This disruption has caused a delay in the release of part-3 of “Rein in the Business Chaos” series. Sorry, 🙁

Show Notes

Be determined to fight-off the plague of should-have-done that can drag you down.

It is human nature to get a bunch of should-have. But should-have don’t solve the problem. They prevent the problem. You got to fight off these negative thoughts, if even you have to take capture every thought.

Be determined to create new paths when overcoming obsticles.

Sometimes the cookie doesn’t bounce your way and you have to catch it before it hits the ground. In the face of problems, how determined are you to create solutions to reach the purpose?


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