Take your delegation to the next level. This episode presents four points to help you go beyond delegating simple tasks to delegating key operations of your business.

This part-2 in a 3-part series called “Rein in the Business Chaos”. The series focus on practical steps on how you can create an approach in your business that allows the most important things to get done, and with quality.

  • Part 1 is Move the Big Rocks First.
  • Part 2 is Leverage Delegation.
  • Part 3 is on Creating a non-negotiable schedule.

Show Notes

  1. Recognize that the amount and type of delegation changes over time.
  2. At a higher level of delegation, it is no longer a transfer of tasks, but transfer of authority to another person.
  3. Build trust with your team and you must tell them that you trust them…regularly.
  4. Good delegation needs to establish good metrics and processes to guide the person you are delegating to and good rewards to help align.


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