Today’s episode launches a 3-part serious called “Rein in the Business Chaos”. The series focus on practical steps on how you can create an approach in your business that allows the most important things to get done, and with quality.

  • Part 1 is Move the Big Rocks First.
  • Part 2 is Leverage Delegation to move rocks.
  • Part 3 is on Creating a non-negotiable schedule.

Show Notes

The term ‘big rocks’ became well known from Stephen Covey’s book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

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Scott has lived through times where there is not enough time to get everything done, where interruptions and distractions seems to come out of nowhere. To get things done, Scott would get up earlier and work late into the evening on the things that absolutely need to get done, that whole time kicking yourself about not starting earlier and embarrassed about hoping the minimum level of quality of work is good enough. Most business owners have experienced this. Those times are frustration and stressful, and if left unchecked, can damaged relationships in business and family.

Correctly handling the big rocks in business and life is important. These are the tasks and chores vital to your success, but usually does not need to be done today. Unfortunately, delaying can go and go on until it is too late. Then bad things happen or missed opportunity does its damage. Feelings of loss, blame, or anger a part of the package.

The concept of ‘Big Rocks’ includes these steps:

  • Find your big rocks
  • Place your big rocks first
  • Don’t allow smaller rocks to be first


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