Episode 111, or as Bilbo Baggins would say, the eleventy-one episode of the Arise2Live podcast. And like Bilbo, you might be traveling on a long journey and need to manage your business or maybe a quick escape out of a noisy house. This episode covers practical tips on what to carry your own on-the-go office.

Show Notes

The basic equipment for your on-the-go mobile office. Feel free to adjust to suit you needs.

A bag (or pack-pack, satchel, etc.)

  • A good one, not necessarily expensive
  • A laptop holder that protects. Traveling around, bags get trough around.
  • Main compartment for books
  • Side pockets for cables: ear phones, chargers, mouse, etc
  • Smaller pocket for pens, business cards, etc.
  • Keep laptop flat and don’t put hard, blukly things on top of the the laptop.

A laptop (or tablet)

  • It’s key to have a sturdy one if going to, one with some strength to handle so bumps along the way.

Smart phone with hot-spot plan

  • High data limits, or unlimited.


  • Keep these easy to forget cords handy.

USB Sticks or SD Cards

  • Use to make backups and/or transfer to other computers…like you brother-in-law’s laptop connect to a printer or at a USB Sticks business office.


  • A mouse does increase productivity, but durable one that can be stuffed in the bag. I’m using a corded USB mouse, it’s pretty solid and free.

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