Ever spend lots of time figuring out your vision statement and planning things out, and then the world changes on you? Isn’t that discouraging?

Scott shares how his situation changed while in transition leading to having to choose one of three choices to update his vision story.

Included are three reasons why you should update your vision story.



Show Notes

Three options to update you vision story when things change

  • Do nothing. Danger of uncontrolled drifting.
  • Keep the same. Power though the challenges.
  • Update your vision statement to be more relevant.

Why is your vision story important?

  • Your vision is captured and written down for you.
  • Your vision communicates your purpose to outsiders.
  • Your vision is for insiders to follow

Max DePress, founder of Herman Miller office furniture.

Management has a lot to do with answers.

Leadership is a function of questions.

And the first question for a leader always is:

Who do we intend to be?’

Not ‘What are we going to do?’ but ‘Who do we intend to be?’

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