We are currently in a world in transistion, mostly brought about the COVID pandemic. This presents an opportunity for us business owners and freelancers to ride this wave of change to improve our situation by taking what’s good from “before” and the good from “the now” to combine to improve our business and life beyond anything we expected last January.

We can move forward by answering two questions: What to bring with us to the future? What to leave behind?


Show Notes

Two Key Questions for Times of Transistion:

  1. What to keep?
  2. What to leave behind?

What to keep?

  • New habits, new tools that carry you faster and farther.
  • Better relationships, new schedule.
  • New customers.
  • Creativity and inovation.

What to leave behind?

  • Old habits that don’t help us.
  • Bad customers.
  • Stop over looking people and workers. Have you overlooked some of your employees?

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