Today’s encore episode is an interview with financial expert Rocky Lalvani on improving yourself by taking action now. I will say that we cover more advance topics in running a business and personal development, but given the pandemics and unrest we’ve experience in recent months, an advanced topic may be just what is needed for us.

Today’s guest, Rocky Lalvani is a real treat for us. He’s brilliant at finances and connecting our actions to financial success. On key concept we talk about is the power of compound interest, or the compound curve. This is where small changes lead to be

Show Notes

Richer Soul … Making money is not for the sake of making money, it is to live a full life.

Challenge Question:  Have we lost our ‘fire in the belly’?

Limitations of Chasing Returns

  • If chasing returns and not creating wealth, one is likely to always behind the curve because you have arrived to the game late.
  • When extending this concept to business, be aware how changing technology and new competitor products can reduce your profit margins, or even worse, make your products obsolete.

Take Action by taking Small Steps

Compound Curve works in all areas of life

The Value for Developing Systems and Process to Level-up

By using a process systems, you can stop reinventing the wheel, stream-line the time and energy to complete, and ultimately pass-on the task to someone else so you are free to focus on more important things.


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