The business climate is changing!

Many countries are opening up for business from the corona virus stay-at-home orders. Are you passive or intentional in adapting to the new ecomony? This episode covers a 2-step process to identify what business process and habits to carry forward into the future. Being intentional reduces business chaos and increases likelihood of success.

Show Notes

Ready or not, our country is starting the process of opening up and we are emerging into a different world than it was before. How can you be ready?


Download SMART Goals Worksheet

A two-step process: Reflect and Take Action.


Set aside some time to reflect about the last couple of months and what you have been doing. Make a list of two categories:

  • What outside pressures are causing you to do things and which of those things will continue?
  • What are the habits and business processes that you will carry with you?

Take Action

  • Use the list above and set short term goals, less than 60 days.
  • Start with the SMART methodolgy

SMART goals stands for:

  • Specific – does the goal have enough detail to be real?
  • Measurable – lagging or predictive metrics? Use predictive when possible.
  • Attainable –  do you have means to do it?
  • Realistic – can it really be done?
  • Timely –  can it be done in the time allowed?











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