Digital On-line Presence Coach, Orit Ofri, shares how-to’s and impactful insights from starting a business to on-line marketing to the challenges of balancing business and family. She includes time management in her impactful real-life insight on running a business and family. Orit is a mom with two kids, an On-line Presence Coach for authors, and a board member of the non-profit Willamette Writers organization.

She can be reached at her website

 Show Notes

Orit shares a lot of information and insights. Feel free to pause to take notes.

Note that Orit’s cat makes numerous comments during the interview.

6:41 Launching your on-line Presence

  • Small business and writers need to have their own website.
  • Businesses need their own bank account and credit cards, don’t use personal financial accounts.

11:46 Marketing Avatars

  • On-line Presence tips and the value of avatars for creating on-line content. An avatar is a created character of your ideal customer, that is, the person who you write blogs for. Additional marketing avatar information can be found at this Avatar Link.
  • Orit makes reference to Amy Porterfield’s website.
  • When creating content, write to that avatar “person”.

14:43 Your On-line Presence

  • Hobby companies should be run as a hobby so it doesn’t hurt the family.
  • Mission is important to businesses.
  • Dangers of spending too much time on-line without making money

18:08 Balancing Business and Family

  • Social challenges of doing both
  • Time flexibility of having your own on-line business helps kids
  • Finding balance with spouse to properly raise kid
  • Tag-team with your spouse to get things done at home and take care of the kids.
  • Challenges of maintaining the balance

23:45 Tips on Time Management

  • Batching is scheduling activities and tasks in a consistent and long time block each week.
  • Batching saves time, produces higher quality, and allows focusing on the tasks at hand.
  • Set a consistent time, same time, each week for social media.
  • Use tools like buffer or Hoot Suite.
  • Take care of yourself.


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