Episode #15 Empowered to Start

Staring a new venture or project?
Learn applicable real world lessons and insights from Scott’s experience of stepping out to launch and run a podcast show.

Show Notes

  • Have the proper attitude
  • Don’t wait to start
  • You will get help if you ask for it…after you start
  • Sooner or later, you and your work have to stand on your own.
  • Learn the industry rules of thumb
  • Make adjustments as you go
  • Face the resistance and overcome it
  • Be yourself

The 3-C’s: Clarity, Courage, Commitment
Proverb quote from Ecclesiastes 11:4

Recorded at Arise2 studio

#14 Un-Retirement: The Art of Doing the Next Thing with Nancy Vaughn

Nancy is owner of Vaughn Farms that sells speciality Pears for gifts, Douglas Fir seeds for Chirstmas Trees, blackberries, and TRUFFLES!
Here is an article about their farm.

In this interview, Nancy Vaughn shares the art of planning for success by focus on how later in life she and her late husband, Ed, transitioned from working professional careers
to a planting an orchard on a farm, a career shift they called “un-retirement”.

Some take-a-ways if you are starting a new venture or changing careers, or even doing a little moon-lighting

  • Find something you are talented at, interested in, and love to do.
  • Use the circumstances and resources you have.
  • Prepare for success by preparing for the future:

a. Financially save up or sell some of your things to fund your venture.
b. Engage and learn from the local experts
c. Join a community of like-minded people before launching.
d. Wait for the proper timing and then take the plunge.

  • Create added-value to your product and special niches to increase sales.

Ed’s Folly – Ed’s attempt to grow Perigord truffles on their farm.  He was one of the early adoptors in a new (to Oregon) industry that is starting to show some success.

Recorded on site at Vaughn Farms

Episode #12 – Life is Bigger than Yourself with Frederick J. Edwards

Owner of Knight Vision Security and a single-dad. His non-profit can be found at Faith Hope and Charity

Frederick’s wife succumbed to cancer in 2008, leaving him to raise three boys and run a business. Ten years later, he shares an inspirational interview of not only overcoming heartbreak and barriers with faith, but reaching the place to give back to his family, the community, and the next generation.

Show Notes

In times of trails, reach out for services and programs to help with the burden.

In times of overwhelming stress, just look at the next step and keep the faith to keep going.

Step through the open door
– Don’t think about yourself.
– Find Inspiration from other people.

Doing what you need to do, focusing on what only you can do.

Follow the positive examples of those who came before us.

Business Enterprise Center (Corvallis, Oregon)
MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility

Story of Jonah found in the Bible: Book of Jonah.
“The Matrix” Movie (1999)

My daughter operated the sound equipment and speaks a couple of times.
Recorded at the Business Enterprise Center in Corvallis, Oregon. You can hear a train in the background.

Episode #10 Spirit of Entrepreneurship with Bret Carpenter

Show Notes

Spirit of Entrepreneurship

  • Take the initiative.
  • Have a support team, family is invaluable.
  • Start with your why.


Amazon Link (affiliate) to “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek

  • Spend time to think of something you care enough about to put time and effort into.
  • Find a solution to a problem that people are appreciative of.
  • Build a multi-talented team.
  • Get out of the building– market validation is done by talking to potential customers.
  • Remember to keep one foot on the ground.
  • Remember that ideas are a dime-a-dozen, it’s all about execution on the idea.


Networking Tips for Introverts

  • Go to a local event, like a city chamber or industry event.
  • Bring a couple of ways of explaining what you do.
  • Use different types of introductions.
  • Have questions to ask people, get them talking about themselves.
    Then watch how people react.
  • Goal is to get people to know you.
  • Don’t pitch or try to sell your product, first start a conversation and relationship.
  • Be consistant.


Small Business Development Center (SBDC)


Episode #8 Three Core Competencies Leading to Business Success with Peter Burke, PhD

Interview with Peter Burke, PhD covering three key competencies that business owners need to have in order to succeed in
business. He provides thoughtful insights from decades of experience in high-tech product development and small business

  • Finding your business direction with curiosity, ideas, and asking three key questions.
  • Understand and balance the conflicting business needs
  • Discover your team’s best environment.


Show Notes

SCORE business advice and mentoring at SCORE

Peter Burke can be found on Link-In Here


General Overview: Find the Right Direction, Balance Conflicting business needs, and Create a Good Team Environment

Finding your business direction with curiosity, ideas, and by asking three key questions

Curiosity is a strong emotion, seek out new things Curiosity leads to ideas for customers Ideas are developed for your customers

  • Thrill the customer and yourself
  • You know stuff that will thrill the customer

Be aware of the types of rules:

  • Rules made by humans
  • Rules made by nature
  • Example of bicycle right-of-way

Three questions to ask yourself:
1) Where are we now?
2) Where do we want to go?
3) How do we get there?
Awareness of what’s going on…

Understand and Balance the Conflicting Business Needs
Tension in Motives in business:

  • First make a profit because without money you can’t do anything
  • Bottom line is not your goal, it is an outcome your goal to help the customer

Three types of business goals from Ernesto Sirolli’s book “Trinity of Management”
– creating the fantastic product

– creating the fantastic marketing place
– creating the fantastic company books

Conflict between these three:

Have the confidence to deal with these irresolvable conflict in business
Acceptance of divergent thinking Settle for partial
solutions to move forward

Discover Your Team ’s Best Environment

Create a safe environment:
1) Clear goal that people believe in.
2) Quick communication within the team.
3) Attitude of ‘If
I screw-up, so what?’
What mistakes are allowed, which are not?
Common concept of limits.
4) Team role clarity with flexibility.

5) Have a Shared Problem Statement. agree to solve the same problem.
– between different groups/ people.
– common goals
& metrics.

Dealing with Change
“Theory U” – Otto Sharmer
Take action
Solutions are hard to come by and ownership of solutions is hard to come by

Peter’s Family Roles

Peter’s Writing Project


HP = Hewlett Packard, where Peter worked at The word
copacetic means “very satisfactory”
The word irresolvable means “impossible to separate out”

Wikipedia link to Jaak Panksepp
Wikipedia link to Joseph Juran
Kepner-Tregoe Consulting
Kepner-Tregoe Decisin Making
Kepner-Tregoe Problem Solving
Ernesto Sirolli
Ernesto Sirolli’s TED Talks
Amazon Link (affiliate) to “Bold”by Peter H. Diamandis
Amazon Link (affiliate) to “How to Start a Business & Ignite Your Life”by Ernesto Sirolli
Project Aristotle INC Magazine article of Google’s Study of Teams
Project Aristotle Youtube Video
“Help!”1965 Movie starring the Beatles
Wikipedia linkg to Werner Heisenberg
Otto Sharmer’s “Theory U”

Episode #7 Does Self-Interest Govern All? Really?

Does self-interest really govern in our business world? If so, can we understand and manage it?
The host Scott Weaver shares his experience, how the role self-interest plays in today’s business climate, and some tips on creating win-win situations.

Show Notes

Self-Interest in Business

  • Self-interest and freedom leads to economic well-being.
  • Important role of specialization of skills.

Two ways to capture specialized knowledge to improve your productivity:
1) Hire or trade with other people, either
by outsourcing or internally.
2) by purchasing tools.

Tips for Doing Business

  • #1: Watch out when self-interest becomes self-love
  • #2: Maintain and protect your freedom
  • #3: Be wary whenever somebody denies self-interest is in play
  • #4: Set your expectations in business very early on
  • #5: Do not withhold payment owed to others
  • #6: When that new big opportunity arises, listen to your support team, particularly a spouse

Podcast References

Chapter 2 “Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith, orginally published 1776, Bantam Classic Edition/March 2003

“The Prince” by Machiavelli, orginally published around 1532, Crofts Classic Edition 1947

Recorded and Produced at Arise2 studios