Episode #22 Try the Benefits of Journaling. Yes, journaling!

This short-take episode shares two big journaling benefits for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers: benefits for today and for future advantage with an added bonus of better decision making.

Show Notes

For the host of the show, there are two reasons for journaling:
One is for today…Getting clarity of thought
And the other is for tomorrow… remembrance of my thoughts.

What are yours?

Episode #21 Short-Take: Remember the Good

Your business venture got you down? Toiling away every day? Here are 5 things to help you remember the good.

Show Notes

  • Remember to have selective amnesia
  • Remember your goals and dreams
  • Remember the hope inside of you
  • Remember your family
  • You have what it takes

Partial lyrics quote from “The Voice” by the Moody BLues

Episode #20 Short-Take: Get Out of The Building

A lot of good things can happen when you regularly engage in community—professional, personal, and spiritual.

Show Notes

Working too much alone can create:

  • Echo-chambers.
  • Ideas get stuck in a cul-de-sac.

Proactive Work Ideas:

  • Regularly schedue time to work away from the office.
  • Coffee-shops and co-working places can work well (match to your style).
  • Choose appropriate tasks to work off-site.
  • Find professional events or clubs.

Proactive Family Ideas:

  • Get buy-in from spouse for evening events.
  • Create “Spouse & Kids” dinners when you are out in the evening.
  • Bring your older kids to your professional events.

Episode #19 Short-Take: Reduce Your 4th Quarter Stress

Stay on top of things for the last quarter of the year, the busiest time. Hear some pitfalls to avoid as well as ideas
and methods to have an enjoyable balance between your business and family.

Show Notes
Key observations:
1) 4th Quarter of the year happens every year.
2) Every year there are traditional events and holidays in the 4th Quarter.

So, schedule these ahead of time to balance family and work:

  • Family holidays
  • Kid’s school and sports activities
  • Business year-end tasks
  • Client projects

Proactive Ideas:

  • Start with just getting the events on your schedule.
  • Have a family calendar in a common area of the home.
  • Manage client and family expectations
  • Try not to do too much.

Episode #17 Hey Entrepreneurs! You can keep your family together

There is surprising data that conflicts with the common wisdom saying entrepreneurs are doomed for divorce. Learn where
the starting-line is for keeping your greatest support team together. Be aware of the relationship drift and how
creating touch-points and face-to-face time inside your time management can keep your family together.

Show Notes

Episode #16 Boost Your Biz with Dru Shockley

Dru Shockley founded boostbized.com in 2009 and he shares his passion of bringing business education to entrepreneurs.
Also shared is a practical example of crafting an email message and three elements that customers use to evaluate you

Boost Biz Ed Website (See events and archive)
Dru’s company Web Design site

Show Notes

  • Don’t go alone in business…Find help and allies. Don’t be afraid to hire a contractor to help you with your project or company.

Crafting your Marketing Email Message

  • Subject Line is interesting and curious
  • Use know-like-trust approach when writing your message or campaign
  • Identify a customer pain point
  • Present an unique and hopeful solution
  • Always have a call-to-action (CTA)

Factors that a Customer Considers in an Offer

  • Timing of offer
  • Available funds
  • Good reason and justification