Episode #28 Get Going on Next Year’s Goals

Get Going on Next Year’s Goals

This is not your usual New Year’s Goal Setting podcast. This is a “how-to”, a flexible 2 hours in 2 weeks plan so you can find the time and be productive in the busy season and actually set reasonable goals for the coming year.


Show Notes

The three steps on how-to achieve the time and productivity for setting goals for next year.

1) Achievable through Time Blocking

2) Achievable Review and Reflection

3) Achievable goal setting using the SMART approach

SMART stands for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely


Micheal Hyatt’s The Beginner’s Guide to Goal Setting

Question: How do you find time to set goals for next year?


Episode #27 Three Things to Work-Life Balance

Not sure where to start with balancing work and life? Listen as Scott shares 3 impactful approaches that you can do today and a host of ideas to spur creativity to strengthen your family while running a business.

Show Notes

  • Start with Intentional Communication
  • Be Intentional when Teaching Kids
  • Do Intentional Planning


  • If your business is generating good revenue: trade dollars for time. Hire people to create time.
  • If your business is in start-up or challenged mode and family finances tight: trade time for dollars. Do tasks yourself and carefully budget as you build. Do consider taking a job if things get dire.



Episode #19 Short-Take: Reduce Your 4th Quarter Stress

Stay on top of things for the last quarter of the year, the busiest time. Hear some pitfalls to avoid as well as ideas
and methods to have an enjoyable balance between your business and family.

Show Notes
Key observations:
1) 4th Quarter of the year happens every year.
2) Every year there are traditional events and holidays in the 4th Quarter.

So, schedule these ahead of time to balance family and work:

  • Family holidays
  • Kid’s school and sports activities
  • Business year-end tasks
  • Client projects

Proactive Ideas:

  • Start with just getting the events on your schedule.
  • Have a family calendar in a common area of the home.
  • Manage client and family expectations
  • Try not to do too much.

Episode #13 – Maximize Your Energy before Time Management

What’s key to time management? Having enough personal energy to complete your tasks. In this podcast you’ll discover how to create personal energy with techniques for the physical, mental, and spirit aspects of your life.

What’s key to time management? Having enough personal energy to complete your tasks. In this podcast you’ll discover
how to create personal energy with techniques for the physical, mental, and spirit aspects of your life.

  • Why getting enough sleep is so important
  • How much the most successful business leaders sleep.
  • How excerise can increases the value of your company.
  • The value and how of a intential morning routine.
  • A routine medical exams scheduling trick to stay healthy.

Show Notes

CDC Sleep page
CDC Sleep research page
Forbes Sleep Infographic

Lifehack CEO Survey
Inc article on CEO and Marathons
Research paper on CEO and Marathons

CEO and meditation
Blog post on spiritual meditation
6 reasons Christian meditation improves business leadership

Recorded at Arise2 studio

Episode #11 – Slay Your Taskmasters

Download the example WBS Spreadsheet

Has chores and tasks taken control of your life and business? Does the “taskmaster” have you trapped in the tyranny of the urgent? Learn how to slay the taskmaster by managing time by managing priorities. Three approaches that allow you to gain control and stay on top are talked about in this practical episode.

Show Notes

Focus on your mission and purpose

  • Keep on track with quarterly reviews.
  • Quote “Know well the condition of your flocks, and give attention to your herds.” is from Proverbs 27:23

Learn to say no

  • To new ideas before completing the old ones.
  • To people taking advantage of your time.
  • To tasks that take you away from what only you can do.

Be proactive at scheduling

  • Yearly schedule and time block.
  • Plan weekly tasks and meetings.
  • Schedule future cash flows.
  • Use a Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS).

Episode #9 You are a Time Keeper

Spinning on the time management tread mill? First be the time keeper that controls the game. The host, Scott Weaver, shares his insight why controlling your time like a time keeper leads to successful time management. It addresses a common issue that he’s seen in people and has personally experienced: before time management methods work, you need to have high level control over your time and priorities. This control comes from being a time keeper for your priorities and your game.

So many of us are way over committed on tasks and helping too many people at once and this leads to high stress
levels. Under these cases, time management is about being more efficient while playing a soccer game without time boundaries–you
run on and on, only faster. Once you can control the time boundaries (i.e. a time keeper), you can excel at your game.

Show Notes

This podcast has three take-a-ways to control you time and schedule:
#1 Realize you are the time keeper for your game
#2 A timekeeper uses tools
#3 Steward your time wisely

time.gov by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
NIST-F1 Cesium Fountain Atomic Clock
‘Your Brain Has 2 Clocks – How do you sense the passing of time?’ Scientific America
‘New Clues to How the Brain Maps Time’ Quanta Magazine
Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt
Quote by Apostle Paul found in Ephesians 5:15, 16a