Episode #17 Hey Entrepreneurs! You can keep your family together

There is surprising data that conflicts with the common wisdom saying entrepreneurs are doomed for divorce. Learn where
the starting-line is for keeping your greatest support team together. Be aware of the relationship drift and how
creating touch-points and face-to-face time inside your time management can keep your family together.

Show Notes

Episode #7 Does Self-Interest Govern All? Really?

Does self-interest really govern in our business world? If so, can we understand and manage it?
The host Scott Weaver shares his experience, how the role self-interest plays in today’s business climate, and some tips on creating win-win situations.

Show Notes

Self-Interest in Business

  • Self-interest and freedom leads to economic well-being.
  • Important role of specialization of skills.

Two ways to capture specialized knowledge to improve your productivity:
1) Hire or trade with other people, either
by outsourcing or internally.
2) by purchasing tools.

Tips for Doing Business

  • #1: Watch out when self-interest becomes self-love
  • #2: Maintain and protect your freedom
  • #3: Be wary whenever somebody denies self-interest is in play
  • #4: Set your expectations in business very early on
  • #5: Do not withhold payment owed to others
  • #6: When that new big opportunity arises, listen to your support team, particularly a spouse

Podcast References

Chapter 2 “Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith, orginally published 1776, Bantam Classic Edition/March 2003

“The Prince” by Machiavelli, orginally published around 1532, Crofts Classic Edition 1947

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Episode #5 You are a Learner (Why can’t I stop?)

The host, Scott Weaver, links the ‘learning’ mindset to success in business and relationships.
Five learning perspectives are shared to bring the power of continual learning to grow in life.

Show Notes

5 Learning Perspectives:

  • #1: Don’t Lose Your Curiosity
  • #2: Learning Keeps your Mind Sharp
  • #3: Extra Learning is Required for Success
  • #4: Create shared Learning Experiences
  • #5: Learning is Important to Others

Podcast References

World Economic Forum

Blog Post ‘Why you should never lose your curiosity’ by Frnak Wu April 15, 2015

“The Letters of John and Abigail Adams” Penguin Books 2004

Quote from Malcolm Muggeridge

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Episode #3 – You are a Problem Solver

You are a Problem Solver–Why didn’t anyone tell me this before I started?

Are people coming to you with all their problems? Is it frustrating? Scott Weaver shares why you are a Problem Solver, why you should embrace it, and a little of his journey from task master to solution focused business owner.

Show Notes

The 5 Points:

  • #1: Leadership is Problem Solving
  • #2: It’s a good thing when people come to you with problems
  • #3: You can’t solve every problem
  • #4: Create a FAQ to answer repeated questions
  • #5: Problem solving in a family setting is different than in your business

Quotes from:

  • “Secrets of Closing the Sale”, Zig Ziglar, Kindle edition,
    Ugh, e-books don’t have page numbers! 5th paragraph in ‘Introduction
    to the Updated Edition’.
  • Jesus Quote from Matthew 5:46
  • “The Difference Maker” John C. Maxwell pg. 105
  • “The Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell”, Oren Harai, from slides from when I was in school.

Thanks to Tegan Weaver for assisting with audio post production.

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Episode #1 – The Gig Economy

Episode #001 – The Gig Economy

Are you working in the so-called Gig Economy? This episode gives the 30,000 foot view on how to approach your business in today’s world.



show notes
Are you working in the so-called Gig Economy? This episode gives the 30,000 foot view on how to approach your business in today’s world.
  • Four impactful insights:
  • Life is a Journey
  • A good routine gets you to the end
  • Always growth and learn
  • It’s about being together