Hello, my name is Scott Weaver, host of the Arise2Live Podcast. I live on the very, very edge of Oregon’s Silicon Forest technology region. It’s beautiful and green here, good schools, and the climate is quite agreeable except for some dreary rainy days (OK, a lot of rainy days). However, this place is far from your ideal economic powerhouse and building a business here is, well, difficult. Many times I wanted to move
on for greener pastures, but for some reason my family always out voted me. This forced me to make one of the most difficult decision in my life, choosing family and kids over career to live at the edge of the Forest.

I have worked in high tech, mainly as a R&D engineer designing computer chips at several international companies. Then the dot.com bust came and its aftermath: In 4 and half years, I had 2 desks and worked at 4 companies. That was too much for me. So, I went back to school full-time for two years to receive a real MBA. After that, I was CEO of an university tech spinout for a couple of years, then started my own consulting business 2011. I have also been President of a non-profit business incubator.

Inspite of living in an economically challenged area, my success is measured by still being married to a wonderful wife, own my house and cars, time to volunteer with start-ups, and send my kids to private college.

If I can make it, so can you.



I have given educational talks, MBA student business plan judge, and panelist for community events.








Today’s business is complicated. I have teamed up with D. Scott Smith to provide business and life coaching to provide analysis and accountability to reach your goals.







Management Consulting

I’ve been running my consulting company since 2011. If you’re looking for a big jump in results or trying to straighten things, or launch a big project, please see my Arise2 company page at Arise2.