#Arise2Live podcast reaches its 50th episode!!

In this 50th episode, Scott shares what he learned and a surprising self-discovery along a year’s journey to this milestone. Presented general enough so you can adapt to reach your goals. Reaching this point is hard to believe…at least for Scott. Thank you all for your encouragement and support! Includes brief messages from Tegan Weaver and D. Scott Smith.

Show Notes

When I started, 10 episodes seemed like a lot, and 50 episodes? Well, that was like walking to the other coast…doable but a long ways away. So many things had to come together and so many things could go wrong. Still I took one step at a time and ended up going farther than I expected.

Be consistent (3:00)

  • Delivery
  • Quality

Overcome limiting beliefs (5:30)

  • Imposter Syndrome

Set reasonable goals and reassess as new information comes in (8:35)

Find good metrics (10:55)

  • Leading metrics
  • Lagging metrics

Trust your Audience (12:25)

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