While Scott prepares for equipment upgrades and a social media conference in a few weeks, he chose a few of the most popular interviews for new and old listeners.

In this encore episode, Byron Reed shares his success factors as a father and founder of a health care IT company. He shares wisdom about launching, dealing with life changes, and more. After 10+ years growing his business, he sold his interest to focus his skills helping faith base organizations. Byron can be contacted through Ethos360.

Show Notes

  • Success factors to launching a new company
    • Stick with your expertise and experience
    • Develop and maintain a positive reputation
    • Take advantage of what regulations give
    • Take time to become an authority in your field
  • Dealing w/ Life changes
    • Take long breaks from work to focus
    • Have faith
  • Practical financial advise to stay on top of debt
    • Don’t buy new cars, don’t have more than one car payment
    • Keep teaching your children how to handle money
  • The necessity of IT in faith based organizations
  • Dealing with Uncertainty

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