Has your business been stymied by seemly invisible walls in your business? This episode talks about the Iron-Triangle concept: a way of identifying and understanding the boundaries, not the barriers, that you face today in your business. They are part of the field-of-play you build your business and working inside your boundaries can result better planning and realistic goals setting so your can move forward to success.

Show Notes

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Benefits of knowing your Iron Triangle:

1) Boundaries and problems identified

2) Allows focus of creativity and resources

3) Prevents frustration and stress of not achieving your goals

4) Allows you to set reasonable goals

Drawbacks of not knowing your Iron Triangle:

1) It stops you from moving forward

2) Can stop you cold on your efforts

3) Builds up frustration

4) Yet, know where they are, you can become quick.


In project management, there is the “Schedule-Resource-Quality” quandary… you can pick any two of them, but the third one. For example: a product can be fast and cheaper, but not with high quality.

Youtube Link: Clint Eastwood, playing tough-guy Dirty Harry (1973) iconic line: “A man’s got to know his limitations”


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