Is it important to see what’s ahead and the path forward? You bet it is!

Is it important to see what’s ahead and the path forward? You bet it is. The Business Maturity Curve is literally a roadmap into the future, but few use this time-tested approach to plan and identify common challenges. Knowing what stage your company empowers your strategic and planning moves.This episode covers this tool’s advantages and why you should be using it.

Show Notes

Plan for Inflation

  • Running very high, at levels not seen in decades. Looks to continue for the next six-months.
  • Learn what you can do about it.
  • Suggested to make budget adjustments for it.
  • Ask yourself what is now possible in your business given the new economic conditions. New opportunities just might be in sight..

The Business Maturity Curve

  • Describes the life stages of a business and sometimes products, especially in technology.
  • Been effectively used in the last century for strategy and planning.
  • Has other names like business life cycle, business model development, maturity models, etc.
  • Has five stages in the Arise2Live Profit-Loop System: Start-up, Breakout, Growth, Maturity, and the Wall.
Business Maturity Curve: Earned Cash vs Time. Curve dips down, then steep upturn before leveling off.


Each stage has its own unique financial and operational requirements.

  • When you know what growth stage of your business is in, then you can truly understand your current situation and can accurately plan the steps that confidently get you to the next business stage.
  • Misapplying good approaches in the wrong season can get a business owner in a world of hurt.

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