To get ahead you need to plan ahead. This episode is a call to action to get going on scheduling your Yearly Goal Setting or Annual Review. It highlights the benefits of proactively planning for next year and presents six steps on how to get started and get the most out of your planning and productivity.

Show Notes

Benefits of a Yearly Goals Review

  • It sets the tone for the whole year.
  • It sets reasonable expectations of goals.
  • Prevents double, or triple, booking of events and priorities, specially between business commitments and family and friends events.
  • Peace of mind and confidence by deciding things ahead of time when you can see the whole picture.
  • Writing a plan out prevents your brain from constantly looping back and forth trying to figure things out using the same  information.

Benefits of Including a Spouse in Your Annual Review.

  • Get on the same page.
  • Work out family priorities and business conflicts.
  • Better relationship through communication.
  • Get another viewpoint from someone who knows you.

Six Steps to setup and prepare for your yearly planning time

  • Pick a time that mostly works between early December and mid-January.
  • Pick a key word or phrase for next year. Some people call it a theme
  • Be accountable, tell people in your inner circle that you are going to have a Planning Session for next year.
  • Gather a few productivity tools to help you focus.
  • Do the review.
  • Reward yourself.

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