There are two ways to fail: Failure by failure and failure by success. Take prudent precautions.”  In this Arise2Live episode, Scott talks about the Four C’s to preventing failure by success and how several growing companies used them to win.

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Show Notes


Fear Leads to Regret

The fear of failure can cause a person to freeze or hold back and doing so can cause another emotion, regret. Regret is one of the most powerful emotions, much stronger than failure.

What is Meant by Failure-by-Success in Business?

It’s when a business has so much customer demand that you can’t meet that demand. This usually happens when a company is between start-up positive cash flow and steady maturity.

The 4 C’s to Prevent Failure-By-Success

  1. Core competency – know yours
  2. Careful consideration of opportunities
  3. Confidence to deliver on time
  4. Capacity needs to be built up in quality, volume, etc.



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